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T.O.R. - an outdoor competition for performing teams - created and organized by Vertical Adventure in harmony with nature and the environment, with activities specially designed for personal development of participants both as individuals and as teams, developing their ability to communicate, plan and implement strategies. And in the same time having in mind the fun and adrenaline, new experiences, applying
knowledge and discover new things.

We have held till now, with energy and passion, four editions in which we let the imagination running wild and we "built" more and more challenging activities that combined the skills of participants at a superior level: strategy, team communication, creative thinking, roles assuming, courage and team support, uses of resources, orientation, adaptation, flexibility, sense of observation and many others.

Until the next edition, the 5th
, you can see here pictures and videos from previous ones.

4th edition (Nerei Gorges)
photo | video  | prizes

3rd edition (Retezat mountains)
photo | video  | prizes

2nd edition (Cerna Valley)
photo | video  | organization

1st edition (Cerna Valley)
photo | video  | organization