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Team building's Advantages 

What is an outdoor team building?

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The advantages you will get from an outdoor team building with Vertical Adventure




What is an outdoor team building?


(T + Mb + A )² + O ³ = TMBO  =>  Ep²

T = team

Mb = building process

A = activities, more or less extreme, individual or with the team

O = unfamiliar environment, natural

TMBO = team building outdoor

Ep = effective teams

t = time


A simple equation of what teambuilding means, and the benefits it brings to the team and for your company.

For those who are good at math, this equation could easily explain everything about teambuilding. For those who prefer a story line, let's walk up a nice mountain, high, impressive, that can offer us various adventures and matching satisfaction, new experiences with every step, strong bounding and friendships that could last forever.


A short definition will call outdoor team building as a set of activities and psycho/sociological games, structured in a program customized for the group or team that it is intended for. It happens in a novel natural frame, unfamiliar, and its expressed purpose is to develop intra and interpersonal knowledge and learning.



 The Vertical Adventure Method

The programs we organize last from 1 to 7 days, they are mostly run outside, in the nature.

First step we take is to understand the objectives our client organization is targeting:

  • Team bonding
  • Improving communication between sub teams
  • Motivating the team
  • Relaxation and loosing tension
  • Etc.

Taking into consideration these clearly stated objectives, we proceed to designing a program and a possible script for the activities. The activities we will include in the program are more or less extreme activities, for the entire team or for individuals, and will represent challenges and unexpected cases for the participants. They will have to overcome personal limitations in order to achieve the assigned mission.

The script and the details are very important parts in organizing a team building program.

In a team every member is valuable; it is up to us to find that value and use it for everybody's success.



The basic tool in team building is experiential education.

"What I hear – I forget

What I see – I remember

What I do – I learn"(Chinese saying)

In other words experiential education means learning by involving directly in the action, and then reflecting on what you just experienced and learn: „learning by doing with reflection”.

Why reflection?

In a team building program, reflection is done during „debriefing”. This is the difference between an actual team building and a simple outing with the co-workers. Debriefing is a group talk, with structured communication and facilitated by a trainer - it helps members understand what they have experienced and it is making the upmost of the results. Results are reinforced by transfer - implementing the conclusions and outcomes of the debriefing in everyday situations, and commitment - personal commitment to change the way of thinking, the behavior and trying to be better.