Adventure prin Vertical Adventure - Timisoara

S.N.F.M (Manager - Women National School)

SNFM project (Manager - Women National School) was approved by the National Qualifications Authority (formerly CNFPA), the Commission of Authorizing Training Providers Timis and Vertical Adventure is a partner in the project, delivering the outdoor module.

Is the only program of its kind in Romania, the only accredited training program for the occupation of "Manager", COR code 112029 and and for skills gathered in the common set "Entrepreneurial Skills".

This training program has come to solve a real need in Romania for supporting women's career development and reducing gender imbalances in the labor market for skilled and highly skilled positions.
Therefore, under this program
, during two years (2011-2012) a total of 1,200 women have been trained and have acquired key skills in management and entrepreneurship.

The program lasts 15 days and includes most modern and interactive teaching techniques learned in three different components: online (60 hours on online training platform), indoor (96 hours of training in management), outdoor (24 hours training to develop entrepreneurial skills).

The outdoor module is a dynamic and challenging 3 day program , based on the Vertical Adventure method - ”experiential learning”, delivered in the beautiful and sunny area of Paulis (Arad county, Zarandului mountains).

 indoor module is delivered only in Timisoara, at the headquarters of the Manager - Women National Schoolin 1 December street, no. 69 (

To register:
- fill in and send us the registration form
- send us a copy of the identity card, the latest educational qualification, medical certificate, proof of payment of course

All these will
be sent by email to (Vertical Adventure) or or (A.P.F.R.).
Confirmation of participation will be made after all documents for registration.

For any
details, please contact us: +40 723 993 359 (Vertical Adventure) or +40 757 087 983 (APFR).

You can see here pictures from the program.