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Program types

We have worked with organizations which have very complex needs when it comes to their management levels. These needs, filtered through our experience, pointed us out some major development and improvement directions for these organizations.

Therefore, the main directions are:
     - team building
     - events
     - personal development
     - adventure

and the types of programs at the moment are listed bellow.

We also provide related services, regarding accommodation, transport and other ”delights”.


A simple program, that can be run indoors or outdoor, addressing teams who are in search for socializing and active relaxation.

This is a type of program designed for teams that put their development and improvement first. The length and complexity of this program are key factors in the process.

A program meant to support a team's development process over a chosen area, to follow its results and facilitate change. The focus is to bring and keep a team's dynamic at a performance level.

An offer for those teams who can only spend shorter periods of time in a program, but are connection and development oriented. It can be organized in one or more sessions during a year, at the client's headquarters or its vicinity.

Another kind of working day! This program moves your office out into the nature, at a maximum of 1 hour away. It has challenging activities, it is eye-opening, and focuses on the team's dynamic (forming, storming, norming, performing). It can be done in more than one session over the year.


Sometimes we might feel around the will to help and support for those who are in need.There are various activities that can support nature, children, animals, community – put together under special programs inspired by the SOS signals that you or us are getting from the world around us.

There are moments when we find ourselves extremely happy, without knowing exactly why is that? And there are moments when we feel exhausted, down, and ask ourselves what brought us there?
This program integrates stress release, toxins release, relaxation, and energy boosting through meditation techniques into a team's developing process, being a very useful tool for people living in today's society.


This is a special program designed for people in search of a special connection to nature or themselves. It is entirely run in remote natural areas and it is based on survival/self-sufficiency skills: putting up a camp (tents or other types of shelters), managing available resources (water and food supplies), cooking on fire...

The snow flakes' dance, icicles, rosy cheeks and noses, warm woolly socks, red cheeks after a joyful snowballs battle and the enthuziasm of a successful identification of animal footprints out in the snow – all add up to create a great atmosphere for a special program.



T.O.R. (Team`S Outdoor Race)

An event offering you development and socialization.

It is a strategy based outdoor competition, lasting for 1 day, between Romanian (but not only) companies' teams. Its held into the nature and promotes team's performance in an special competition frame.

T.O.R. Corporate
Any company can require a TOR event exclusively organized for their teams. It is a powerful event that contributes to discover the limits you have to work with, your members' motivation triggers; it increases teams' performance and therefore generates better results in their work.




This program runs for 3 consecutive days, it has indoor and outdoor activities, theoretical inputs, process analysis and reflections and in the end it gets you an ACN (National Agency for Professional Certification) certification.
Under this program personal and entrepreneurial skills are developed: attitude, courage, openness, leadership, teamwork, communication and many others.


This program type concentrates on personal development of kids and youth. It aims at  familiarizing them with topics related to nature, society or business. Through learning by doing methods and real life simulations they will be constantly and practically involved in the process.



An active program for people or groups of friends who wish to enjoy nature and get involved into activities that will bring them an agreed level of adrenaline.



Vertical Adventure facilitates sleeping and eating arrangements during our programs through multiple connections with tested accommodation units, from various beautiful regions of our country.


Given the complexity of our programs and the fact that we will travel to especial lands in order to run our activities, we have selected trustworthy transportation services providers. This means we can facilitate transport to, and from the chosen program location.


Our programs might be spiced up with extra activities like themed parties, stand-up comedy shows, power boat cruises, handcrafts workshops and more.