Adventure prin Vertical Adventure - Timisoara

Personal development

”Know thyself." Socrates

In this branch of activity Vertical Adventure, offers special built programs for a meeting with yourself, in which you will be able to:

  • explore and better understand your inner life and the links that it creates, emotionally, with external reality
  • discover and fructify new inner resources
  • go beyond the inner limits that you believed you have
  • gain "tools" to build your surrounding univers as you want it
  • understand why and how you make decisions
  • change perspective on "obstacles of life", perceiving them as opportunities in your own development
  • and many other discoveries that will help you build yourself as you wish: positive, strong, confident, free, fulfilled.

The Personal development programs that we offer at the moment are:
     GROW IN
     Women Managers National School

We will update the list as we develop these programs.