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About Us

Vertical Adventure was born in January 2005 out of the enthusiasm of a few young people who love nature and mountain sports.

Since 2005, through the mediation of our trainers we organized many team building and adventure programs for various associations, groups, companies and institutions.

Our experience
in this field is vast, mainly due to the hundreds of programs we already organized, secondly due to our commitment to continually specialize in various fields from humanist to technical levels.

We would like to introduce our trainers:


Name: Oana Oșan

Coordonator programe, formator


It is wonderful when you can work what you like! I am backpacking for many years now, and nature is my main battery charger! I have fun and enjoy being out with my friends, I take advantage of everyth... About Oana Oșan


Name: Nae Șăin


I always search to learn and understand from nature what living balanced and in harmony means. I am passionate about and get involved in mountain sports for over 20 years. One of my old dreams came tr... About Nae Șăin


Name: Sorin Fițu


I love the mountain and all people that find the feeling of "at home" when they are there. I avail of my relevant proficiency and multiple specializations in the field of human behavior related science... About Sorin Fițu


Name: Călin Tot


Flying and mountain lover, at any time, and any place, no matter the season, I consider it is never too late for anybody to discover the wild beauty of nature and to fight for its preservation. I was ... About Călin Tot


Name: Luminița Dumbravă


... About Luminița Dumbravă


Name: David Oprea


... About David Oprea


Name: Silvia Iozsa


... About Silvia Iozsa



Name: Diana Marc


There is great joy and a huge achievement to be able to combine in daily tasks at least two of the most important elements of your life. Then it is also the right moment to involve all of your ener... About Diana Marc


Name: Loredana Mărieș


Questions and curiosity are representative for my personality, and because of that I seek to find answers. The nature is the best teacher I have had.

Being passionate about motion and... About Loredana Mărieș


Name: Sandu Chirilă


My motivation is to spend as much time as possible being out in the nature, so I joined Vertical Adventure team to promote mountain relate activities and share of my experience. Working with people... About Sandu Chirilă


Name: Vasile Moisa


... About Vasile Moisa


Name: Andrei Groza


... About Andrei Groza


Name: Sebastian Luca


... About Sebastian Luca


Name: George Lungu


... About George Lungu


Name: Vlad Cvasa


... About Vlad Cvasa


Name: Casandra Chera


William Morris said that a way to getAbout Casandra Chera


Name: Bogdan Mureșan


... About Bogdan Mureșan


Name: Nadine Mureșan


... About Nadine Mureșan


Name: Anamaria Hulban


... About Anamaria Hulban


Name: Sorin Chiuzbăian


... About Sorin Chiuzbăian


Name: Răzvan Rotaru


Open and merry-making, I am that person from EVA that will make people laugh full heartedly, owning a moneybag of jokes, humor and wisecracks. People say I would make a good comedian.

Apart... About Răzvan Rotaru